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Feb 19, 2013 6:00am PST
and cause problems. >> following in the footsteps of its competitor google may be opting for its own retail stores in the nine states. >> according to the nine to five google blog google is building stores in time for the holidays. google will sell gramm google brand hardware. google is
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am EST
employee. is it hard to compete for talent when you're going up against biggies like google, facebok or apple? >> what really inspires people is the ability to make an impact and a great opportunity to impact a lot of users impact yahoo! as a company for the positive. and that's something that's really inspired a lot of terrific people to sign on. >> you are the youngest ceo of a fortune 500 company in america. is that a help, a hindrance, do you find it totally irrelevant to what you've been trying to do every day? >> i don't spend a lot of time thinking about t i spend time thinking about our users and what we need to do in order to delight them. >> you took on this big job of being ceo of yahoo! but you had another big job, having a baby that was just born in september. how is he doing? >> he's great, 4 1/2 months old. >> you took a short ma teernt leave just a couple of weeks. was that hard to pull off, in retrospect? to juggle all those things? most people don't have to juggle being a ceo at the same time. >> i would say i wouldn't have missed a moment of either experience. they
Feb 21, 2013 2:00pm EST
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Feb 19, 2013 4:30am PST
driving cars. like google has been testing the technology if years in the bay area. nissan will most current resources from japan to sunnyvale five miles from google headquarters. nissan c.e.o. believes self driving cars will not be feasible in the united states this will 2020 because of legal and technological hurdles. >> the horse meat food scandal centered in britain and ireland is growing and nestle is removing beef meals from shelfs in italy and spain after traces of horse d.n.a. were found. the food giant is were toking the sale of frozen meat to catering businesses in france. nestles said the beef was supplied by a german company. horse meat has found its way into ready to eat meals across europe in a meat mislabeling scandal that has shaken the food industry. >> a study finds women do worse than men after hip replacement surgery. kaiser permanente researchers in southern california looked at 35,000 case and found women have a slightly higher risk of implant failure because of dislocation. it doesn't matter what type of device was implanted. women are more likely to need a sec
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am PST
. >> following the steps of its competitors, google finally opting for a zero retail stores in the not safe. according to the 95 google block google is building stand-alone retail stores which are expected to open in major cities by the holiday season. the stores would likely sell google brand hardware. however google says no final decision has been made. >> microsoft is taking a at googles g mail. in fact, the software company is so confident as the internet to best e-mail service, microsoft is about to spend $30 million to attract users. the facelift debuts today on outlook .com. after keeping it out look that, in a preview faces last july, microsoft is ready to accept all comers. it is the biggest marketing blitz in the history of e-mail. outlook .com will be featured on prime-time tv, radio stations, website, billboards and buses. the new campaign will run for the next three months. >> bmw is recalling more than half million cars in the u.s. due to possible power failure in intand engine stalling. the recall affects bmw 1 series, three series, and z four models. some made as early as 20
Feb 16, 2013 8:00am PST
. sweetness naturally. new nectresse. with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. >>> welcome back. singer chris brown and drake are facing off in court over a nightclub brawl in new york city. tmz is reporting brown and drake have filed lawsuits against each other in connection with a fight at new york city's wip nightclub last june. well, model romaine julian has allegedly filed a suit against both singers along with the nightclub for injuries he says he sustained during that fight. neithe
Feb 20, 2013 4:00am PST
. a live report. >>> topping business news, is apple's shine fading? google taking over wall street. is it now time to buy? >> wednesday, february 20th. "starting point" begins right now. >>> welcome, everybody. "starting point" this morning is the oscar pistorius case. we could hear in the olympic tax star accused of murdering his girlfriend will be allowed to get bail. an investigator says he does not oppose bail. that comes in day two of the bail hearing. first officer on the scene testified he believes pistorius' actions were in no way self-defense. he conceded there were no signs of an assault on reeva steenkamp's body. no indications they had defended herself. he said two boxes of testosterone and needles were found. the defense saying that wasn't testosterone, a legal, herbal medication. and new details coming to light on what happened before the shooting. rob robyn kurnow breaking down some of the developments for thus morning. >> reporter: what's happening in describing what's there. what's happening in that courtroom, and she tells me oscar pistorius is looking more confid
FOX News
Feb 21, 2013 2:00am PST
3-year-old how to ski and held on to him for deer life. >> google unveiling the first touch screen lap top. it would be a big step as google tries to go toe-to-toe with ipod operating systems. chrome books are currently on the market. they start at $199. that's your 5@5:30. >>> the federal government bracing for next week's sec quest tore as the president intensifies his campaign they have a major spending problem. doug luzader is live in washington with more on that. 83 percent. >> overwhelming. good morning. this is really the blame game on steroids. the white house is coming at a rapid fire pace. the president yesterday summonsing 8 reporters to the white house to talk about the looming is he quesequestor cuts effect it can have. >> the truth is both the president and congress dragged their feet on this. these automatic spending cuts both parties agreed to are now almost certain to happen next week. the pentagon saying 800,000 civilian workers will have to take unpaid leave. >> unfortunately we have to continue with planning furloughs one of the most distasteful tasks i have fac
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm PST
in silicon valley to develop self driving cars. google has been testing the technology for years in the bay area. nissan move the current resource from his japan to sunnyvale just 5 miles from google headquarters. nissan ceo believes self driving cars won't be feasible until 2020 because of regulatory the and technological hurdle. >> women of the first family skied in colorado. president himself went golfing in florida with tiger woods. and flew back home to washington today. on wednesday i'll have the chance to sit down with mr. mr. obama for exclusive one-on-one interview at the white house. i'll be traveling to dc this week to interview president obama. i leaf tomorrow. my report live from washington begin airing tomorrow evening at 5 here on abc 7 news. >> i'll be here reporting the next couple daisy. tweeting from washington as well. at dan ashley abc 7 so follow me on twitter as well. lacking for experience opportunity to talk about issues we care abou about. >> we look forward to hearing what he has to say time. all right let's check in now with sandhya. >> we said at the
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am PST
in a row where they remain unchanged and it is better than economists expected. google announced they are working on a touch screen chrome book and they say the google chrome book will uncut the surface tablet and they are not clear when the new device will go on sale. >>> in san francisco, it took more than an hour for police to break it up. this was part of a bigger problem. >>> giant gold fish in lake tahoe, how they got there and the big problems they could cause. . >>> dow jones industrial average down 61 points and a couple of stocks to watch, wal- mart reported mixed news and right now that stock is up 6%. >>> they shot some video of a shocking scene monday morning. >> call the cops. >> you are seeing several street fights, a fight broke out in san francisco and it took police more than an hour to break it all up two officers got hurt. drunk and fights are happening more often and it is a problem where police are understaffed. >> there is a need for more patrols and i have seen the good times and bad times and this is a low point unfortunately. >> the problem for nightclub
FOX Business
Feb 20, 2013 9:20am EST
. back to you, nicole, you're watching google the day after it it broke above 800, where is it? >> yeah, hey, well, let's talk about google, right? hey, i was checking on it, 8.07 was the high and new hundred level and he's he shouting his opening trades and you can see it above the 800 mark at 805, a good one. stuart: and it broke above 800 on our air as of this time yesterday. nicole, yahoo! what's with it, a new look or something, what's that? >> a new look and the stock is up about 1/2 a percent for yahoo! and that's one that we'll watch as the new look as well on their site. so, keep an eye on that one as well. when i think about google though, i have to double-check, but when that initial public offering happened, i think it was like $84 or something. stuart: yes. >> and it's at 807. i'm talking about the cuts, but it was in the the 80's, if you liked the idea then, you're just sitting in the dough. >> and we were all expecting the same thing to happen with facebook, and it didn't happen. the price actually was cut in half from the open, all right. >> you know what? that's why you
FOX Business
Feb 21, 2013 9:20am EST
of that google here showing off the voice command glasses. apparently these let you search, navigate, chat, take photos like the headsup display that the fighter pilots use. 1500 a pop and that's a gee-whiz. watch out ipad and surface from microsoft, google has developed a touch screen laptop powered by chrome. google's stock took a tumble yesterday. almost back to 800 this morning. now we're not going to put blackberry on death watch, we have he a learned our lesson. early only list reports show that the sales of the new blackberry in the u.k. and canada, blackberry 10, tepid at best. goes on sale here next month and up 1%. sony unveiled the new playstation last night or did it. sony didn't actually show us the console. didn't tell us how much it's going to cost or when it will go on sale. nicole come back in. what about sony? where are they? >> oh, sony, i was at the michael kors trying to find out what's the deal. and this is what i am finding out. zo sony 1 1/2%. and the 4. we haven't gotten a price how much it will cost and of course your microsoft xbox they'll be releasing a new xbox this
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am PST
about her chances of winning the whole thing. >>> why a google store may be popping up near you. >> packed show for you. we'll talk to lyn st. james. and texas congressman michael berg gnc bergess, quvenzhane wallis and sarah darling, who accidentally passed off her engagement ring to a homeless man who returned it. "starting point" begins right now. >>> good morning, welcome everybody. two big stories we're following this morning. could mean you are paying more for the basics. food and fuel. a cold freeze could ruin crops in the south. gas prices up for the 32nd day in a row. gas rose 1.6 cents overnight. bringing the new national average to 3.73 a gallon. increases come at a terrible time for millions americans. zain asher at a new york city gas station. drivers must be complaining this morning, zain. >> hi, soledad. drivers understandably upset. a gas station on tenth avenue. the average price of gasoline, 3.73 across the country. this particular gas station, gas prices are a lot higher, 4.15. as i mentioned, u.s. national average, 3.73. in hawaii, california, higher still, t
Feb 20, 2013 2:00am PST
right. 18 after the hour. apple had its day in the sun. and now google is the toast of wall street. christine romans coming back with a closer look next and she'll tell you whether you thoo buy. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, please? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rew
Feb 21, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> google has released a new video on the yet to be released internet glasses. warby parker to help jazz up the specs. >>> immigration and customs officials have uncovered a scheme to illegal import chinese honey, prompting this honey press release from new york senator chuck schumer. quote, "this successful sting operation is sure to be a buzz kill creating a sticky situation. we need a zero tolerance policy when it comes to honey laundering." ha-ha. >>> finally, this home from the boss wrote "born to run" can be yours for $349,000, and it is just one block from the jersey shore. >>> coming up, the first of its kind at the nfl tryouts. >>> and an unusual snowstorm in arizona causes a delay for baseball and golf. >>> plus, this is how one representative reacts to new legislation he opposes. can you guess what it's about? there's a clue. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we start in missouri with new video of that massive explosion at a kansas city landmark. the powerful blast leveled jj's restaurant and torched nearb
FOX Business
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm EST
shares. office depot, officemax advanced merger deals with both companies moving higher. google stock above $800 per share for the first time ever. health care stocks on news medicare advantage payments, to companies for services will be lower than expected, but most of those stocks recovering most of their losses. gold continues its decline closing at 1603.60. crude oil up $0.80. the bond market, weaker prices, higher yield, the treasury's 10-year now 2.03%. apple confirmed today it has been the target of a cyber attack by hackers in china who compromised a small number of the employee computers. apple says there's no evidence they were able to steal any data, but as the saying goes, it is early yet. the attack was perpetrated by the same group that hacked faccbook. jeeps twitter profile send out racial slurs, claims the police were using drugs, a hacker group taking responsibility for both of those attacks against burger king and cheap. in the report cites cyber attacks to 150 u.s. companies are chinese military. joining me, author of the book the coming collapse of china, gordon ch
Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
zero for that. >> reporter: one of nissan's goals is to develop a driverless car, the kind google rolls around the bay area. but it's not easy and these robots are just a start. >> the silicon valley is the heart of autonomous vehicles. it's the heart of advanced technology and communication and human machine interface. this is where all the best and brightest people and research institutes are located. >> reporter: giving me san a place to grow and innovate giving your next car a cutting edge. nissan says it has about 20 people work iing at its new silicon valley center now with plans to expand to about 60 people. jessica? >> okay, thank you, scott. first, there was texas governor rick perry. now iowa governor terry bran stead calls golden state a happy hunting ground. he wants west coast businesses to consider setting up shop in iowa. he will spend a week in california but he won't say what businesses he'll be courting. he says iowa's efforts to reduce commercial taxes should make the state attractive. just last week governor perry visited the bay area to meet entrepreneurs and some b
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
plans to crack down on internet search firm google in the coming months over its controversial privacy policy. google gathers user data across its services, including youtube and jean now, and bars users from opting out. regulators see it as a potential threat to individual privacy. the supreme court is expected to her arguments today in a legal battle between agricultural giant monsanto and a 75-year-old indiana farmer. monsanto accused vernon hugh bowman of infringing on their seed patents after he planted soybeans purchase from a local grain elevator that contained a monsanto gene. in fact, more than 90% of soybeans in indiana reportedly contain the gene, which allows them to survive when sprayed with the company's roundup weed killer. bowman is appealing his case after he was ordered to pay monsanto $84,000. critics have accused monsanto of using their patents to try to monopolize the supply of certain crops. the case could potentially impact patents across multiple industries. funeral services were held in south africa today for reeva steenkamp, the 29-year-old model allegedly sho
Feb 19, 2013 5:00am EST
head to head with google's g mail to welcome new users, microsoft is financing what it believes to be the biggest marketing blitz in the history of e-mail. we'll see ads on prime time tv, radio stations, website, billboards and buses, also you give a second look to outlook which so many of us used a million years ago maybe making a comeback. >> they're trying their best. charlie had a great interview with bill gates and talked about the hits and misses over the years. >> that's all part of that marketing plan. >> they're trying to ramp it up. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> how to cut costs for college. some ideas that maybe you haven't heard about before or maybe haven't thought about so we'll bring those to you. >> we're taking notes. >>> it's a little too late for all those passengers who were stranded at sea for days. >> but investigators have pinpointed a source of what caused the cruise ship triumph to lose power. that story is coming up. >> plus, we're getting some hint abouts hillary clinton's plans for at least her >>> welcome back. grab the rain ge
Feb 16, 2013 7:00am PST
was also hurt. two other suspects have been arrested. >> an effort is underway to ground google's plans to park jets at the san jose international airport. atlantic aviation is the chief competition to the proposed facility at the airport which would let google's co founders park their fleet next to other tech executive jets. yesterday the company filed an appeal with the city saying they were wrong when it decided they didn't fill requirements. atlantic had offered up to $290 million to ensure the airport's land would generate revenue. >> the chief of police in palo alto went on patrol and did it with anodynes. he patrolled the downtown area until about two this morning. his lieutenant was also along for that ride and took pictures and tweeted out what was happening to followers. they say that the ride along is a way to use technology to connect with a younger generation. >> the goal behind it is to give people who want to follow us insight into the life of a cop in palo alto and what policing the city is like. >> the night started a chief sending out a message about investigating a
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
. >> doubling down on similar remarks he made at a google hangout. is joe biden helping or hurting obama's gun control efforts, rob? >> well look, joe biden is kind of a bull that carries his own china closet and i'm sure the president cringes every time he sees vice president biden in front of a camera. the fact is jill biden's not going to walk out on the balcony and fire a double barrel shotgun but i'm glad that the vice president does admit it's okay for the citizens to have shotguns and as a republican who supports the second amendment he hope he continues to run point on this for aed this mrgs. >> interesting, john? >> joe biden is crazy like a fox here. the point is he's trying to blow through the false dichotomies expressed by making a point reasonable gun reform doesn't necessarily mean at all that you're against guns in general and if the self-defense argument can be ease ail dressed with a double barrel shotgun rather than an assault weapon whose sole purpose is to kill as many people as quickly as possible. it makes a lot of common sense on main street. >> final question, a new wor
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am PST
google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. [ girl ]rumental ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy with purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. >>> welcome, everybody. you're watching "starting point." breaking news in the oscar pistoriu
Feb 20, 2013 4:30am PST
years. google topped $800 a share for the first time. we have data today on inflation, housing starts and the minutes of last month's meeting. the dow up yesterday. the nasdaq added 21. here's our top story. apple says a small number of mac computers were with hacked recently. the news comes a week after facebook discloses it was hacked. hackers used a security flaw in the java software to gain access to servers. apple said there is no evidence any personal or confidential data was stolen. good news there. opening arguments start today in a case pitting two retail giants and involving martha stewart. macy's is suing jc penney to stop the rival store from selling certain martha stewart living items. macy's has exclusive rights to the brand. it is expected that stewart and jc penney and macy's ceos will testify. back to you. >> okay. seem gla, thank you very much. >> hundreds of drivers spend much of the night stranded in the mountains, caught up in a sudden snowstorm. chp says conditions deteriorated rather quickly on highway 58 near tahatchapee. officers had to shut down a stretch of
Feb 19, 2013 7:00am PST
are currently up and above the 1400 mark. also just been a google stock price topped $800 to the first time today amid renewed confidence in the company's ability to read steadily higher profits from its dominance of internet certain prominence in the increasingly import mobile device market. >> if the coast guard says an engine fire aboard the carnival cruise triumph was caused by a leak in a fuel oil return line. the fire left the cruise ship paralyzed on february 10th in the gulf of mexico until tugboats toted to alabama. >> off the cruise ship was adrift for several days without power, unsanitary conditions and little food. before it could be towed back to shore. investigators a been checking over the ships in to arrived thursday in mobile. >> 7:41 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. do not forget gary is coming within the next five minutes. stick around if you can. if you have to leave the house we have a messy commute this morning at the bay area. hot spots and rain and snow in tahoe. taking a live look at storm tracker 4. you can see were the rain is falling as we
Feb 20, 2013 5:00am EST
,000, the highest in more than five years, and that's it only 130 points away from the record. and google stock is also rising high. it broke $800 yesterday for the first time, closing at almost $807 a share. that puts it just behind apple and exxon mobile in net worth. and asterbuck's fan claiming the record, something called the quadrojen. the price was $47. that's more than twice the previous record, but because it was his birthday, he got it for free it. that's "america's money," i'm diana perez. >>> baltimore's mayor has several ideas to keep the city from falling into bankruptcy. will her pitch go over well with community leaders later today? >>> officials are stepping up the efforts for finding the person who stabbed a university of maryland eastern shore student. >>> one step closer for getting justice for their dog they feel the breed deserves. we'll tell but this on this wednesday, february 20th. thanks for being with us. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. >>> the weather was fot the best yesterday, but we saw a little bit of everything, some sun, some rain. so what is in s
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am PST
't 1999 but investors are sure partying like it is, after nasdaq hit an all-time high. google its stock price topping $800 a share yesterday. natalie? >> all right. jackie at the new york stock exchange, thank you. >>> the vice president is generating some buzz after a facebook town hall chat with parents' magazine and a discussion focusing on joe biden's gun control efforts. he gave frank advice on self-defense. >> if you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun. you don't need an ar-15. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >>> the vice president says he has two shotguns of his own at his home in delaware. >>> those dash cam videos from russia never seem to disappoint. in this one shgs take a look, the driver was surprised to see that the vehicle came at the next gas pump was, in fact, a hang glider. after fueling up, it rolled on to the highway, waited for a break in traffic and then up to the sky. wouldn't that be a great way to commute? >> around here it would be a bad deal. 7:13 right now. >> beats sitting at one of the red lights that david likes to run. >> exactly. why are
FOX News
Feb 20, 2013 4:00pm PST
. nobody hurt inside the home. >>> texas. google self-driving car making its lone star debut at a transportation forum in austin. the lexus hybrid feature has laser system that maps out roads and creates three dimensional mapping systems to guide the car itself. designers say it could hit the streets in a few years. >>> california. some of elizabeth taylor's jewelry on display to the public the next couple of weeks in beverly hills ahead of the oscars. the collection includes a 7.4 carat emerald that richard burton reportedly gave the late actress. and that's a fox watch across america. >> bill: the former illinois police sergeant convicted of killing his third wife seeking a new trial before his sentencing. in a moment the latest on the drew peterson hearing from today. plus, he stole cars and boats ask planes during a two-year crime spree that landed him in jail. the barefoot bandit is back in the cube. still behind bars, but in trouble yet again. new charges against the bandit in a moment hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon shar
Feb 19, 2013 5:00am PST
.com. microsoft is trying to compete with services like google's gmail. its ad campaign is expected to run for they months and cost between 30 to $90 million. >>> last week fidelity investments said that the average 401(k) balance had increased to the highest levels in over a decade. >> and despite the progress we still have a long way to go toward reaching our retirement goals. jill schlesinger, editor at large for, is here with the specific steps to help you get there. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> okay. so at the end of 2012, the average 401(k) account at fidelity investments was just over $77,000. that's a big improvement from just a few years ago, right? >> oh, it sure is. 1st quarter 2009, the average balance was just $46,200. but you know i'm not just going to tell you the good news. bad news is when we adjust these numbers for inflation, 401(k) balances were hirer were higher than 2000. millions of americans were without work reducing retirement contributions and folks were forced to dip into the savings.
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
this whole episode so far for the hagel nomination? >> president said in a google appearance that much of the talk about benz, many questions were asked about that, benghazi. congress is running out of questions. the nomination of chuck hagel to be defense secretary and john brennan to head the c.i.a. are both hanging in the balance. the chief of staff says that is grave concern. >> between john brennan as c.i.a. director and chuck hagel as secretary of defense. we want make sure we have our guys working. we don't want something missed because of a hangup in washington. >> reporter: another vote on hagel is expected after congress returns. >> hagel is all but confirmed, how will it impacted his ability to be an effective leader. do not miss an all new fox news sunday, that is tonight when chris wallace sits down with lindsay graham, that is coming up at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> kelly: a draft of the immigration proposal is drawing sharp criticism from republicans because it would reportedly give illegal immigrants a chance to become permanent residents in just eight years. the administrat
Feb 21, 2013 7:00am PST
the latest high-tech craze. >> the new google glasses that allow you to snap photos with a blink of an eye. >>> this guy after being rescued from an avalanche couldn't help but smile. >> the new official white house portrait of first lady michelle obama. >> if we could put eye lashes on you you'd look so sexy. >> it feels so right to me. >> a former senator now admitting he had a secret love child with the daughter of another former senator. >> when did the senate become "the jerry springer show." >> on "cbs this morning." >> a woman called 911 and because she ran out of cigarettes. >> hello? >> hello, i need some cigarettes. >> you don't see me calling 911 because i run out of jokes do you? not anymore, anyway. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." dangerous storm is threatening more than 30 million people in the midwest. it could be the worst weather to hit the region in two years, already there are near whiteout conditions in colorado one of 18 states under a winter storm warning or advisory. >>> people in kansas are being urged to stay off the roads. state offices have
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
, google or apple. they think that moving west to make their dreams come true is a requirement. the newest trend suggests that is not necessary. you can create a tech hub wherever you are. we look at a growing community in this week's clipped in. >>> it is the importance of tech to the economy, it got it during the state of the union address. >> a shut erred warehouse is a state-of-the-art lab where new workers are mastering 3-d printing that has the way to revolutionize how we make everything. >> new thinking is that you do not have to go west to get your idea. >> no longer do you have to say silicon valley is the only place i can go. if i have a start-up dream. >> that's one of the principles behind 1776, which will soon occupy this space in washington, d. c., far from silicon valley. >> every city in america was built by entrepreneurs. >> reporter: the goal is to bring young companies together in a campus and create a community along them and help them find ways to maximize the city around them rather than leave home base. >> silicon valley has awesome assets that are unique to that eco
Feb 21, 2013 7:00am EST
oath. >>> they could become the latest high-tech craze. >> the new google glasses that allow you to snap photos with the blink of an eye. >>> this survivor dug out of the snow after an avalanche in colorado. >>> all that -- >> the second obama term is starting out with bangor two. >> michelle obama's formal portrait. >> a former senator now admitting he had a secret love child with the daughter of another former senator. >> when did the senate become "the jerry springer show?" when did that happen? >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> a woman called 911 because she needed cigarettes. >> hello. i need some cigarettes. >> you don't see me calling 911 because i ran out of jokes. not anymore, anyway. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." a storm is threatening nearly 30 million people in the midwest. it could be the worst weather to hit the region in 20 years. there are white outconditions. people in kansas are being urged to stay off the road. one person has been killed in a storm related crash in oklahoma. in the west it snowed in tucson arizon
Feb 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
, i was at google, and every time i would interact with anyone externally, the one question they would ask me, search is wonderful, it is great to be able to find everything, how is anyone going to make any money from this? now that seems almost absurd, because search is the giant moneymaker online. that said, whenever you see consumers adopting a technology platform, a particular application like search with this much volume, you know that advertisers will want to participate. there's usually a way where you can introduce advertising such that it is not intrusive, that it adds value, that enhances the experience. that's what we need to work on. >> we can look back and see how that was done with search. everybody gets to play monday morning quarterback and feel smart about it. can you tell yet what some of the shifts will be in mobile that will allow mobile to duplicate the success of search as a money maker? it has to make money or else at some point innovation will grind to a halt. >> well, i think people already are. for example, the application stores, a lot of people sell applicat
Feb 20, 2013 3:00am PST
the googles of the world and the ability to target and harness information. it is a whole different world. >> bill: yeah. >> but to youring point, bill the issue of loss of data security and the inability to protect what is thought to be private, it is a real problem. there are such an enormous range of issues and it is also the new warfare. it's the new domain of international security play. where we're able to use a virus, on the other end the chinese are hacking into our hospitals, our newspapers, who knows why. so this is a new science fiction-type domain where we have got to think long and hard about what is going on and how to protect ourselves. >> bill: it's a whole new arena, right on how do we fight back? >> right. this is where -- the geeky kids who were -- [ laughter ]. >> they are the new action here rose. >> bill: all right. i can't figure it out, i keep reading about it, and following it, who is going to be the next mayor of new york? >> i have not the foggiest idea. >> bill: and you are a lot closer to it than i am. >> we're going to flip a coin. there wer
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Feb 20, 2013 1:00pm EST
of it is level two. officially if you go it is microsoft and google that have the most cash sitting on there. technology uses the most cash because thee use it for options and as well as r&d along with health care. but in general, companies are sitting on what we believe is going to be a record amount of cash this year at the end of the year. while they're spending they're making more. even though the earnings seem to be tilting down the cash flow is very good. we may have a record cash flow this year. ashley: howard, a lot of this money is being held somewhere overseas? >> yes. ashley: multinational corporations, want lower taxes. >> everyone is praying for repatriation comes through whether it does or doesn't. there are ways to use some of that cash but the bottom line there is significant amount of cash still being held here. companies are choosing not to spend it at this point in time. not that they have to do one thing over another. they can do almost all of it. even if they want to limit the amount of taxes they have to pay, it is a matter of choice. in this case they're uncertain abou
Feb 21, 2013 1:00am EST
with apple and google in terms of the operating system. we have a strong partnership with facebook. we're able to work with some of these players in order to bolster our user experiences. >> is that diecast? you talk about this new graph, the interest graph. is that the kind of technology that will become key to distribution? >> with the web becoming so vast, there is so much context and so much social context, and now there is so much location context, how do you pull all that together? your personalization comes in to make sense of the content. it is the internet ordered for you. it brings yahoo! back to its roots. you cannot just categorize anymore. a feed of information that is ordered for you. it is also available on your mobile phone. >> some of those technologies remain -- there is competition in the browser world, in the mobile hardware world, and in the operating system world. what about social? >> facebook provides an amazing platform. now what happens with social is what you do with it. it will be the predominant platform. what happens in social is what you do with it. it is
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> as you're reporting this. >> remember when google issued arly and it turned out to be a great buying opportunity? >> are you worried about the boeing reports still, too, andrew? that was only a -- >> that was one source from reuters. >> boeing has a parking problem. the papers are incredible. >> anyway, we'll -- i'll try to figure out more during the commercial break. >> you can't put the genie back in the bottle. robert wolf has been our guest host this morning. we'll give robert the last word when "squawk" comes right back. >>> tomorrow on "squawk box," boone pickens. he'll join us for an hour to talk about the recent burst of m & a activity and the future for his natural gas plan. "squawk box" starts tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out th
Feb 19, 2013 7:00am PST
revlon luxurious colorsilk buttercream™. >>> time is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. google stock setting a personal best this morning and crossed 800 for the first time ever. that stock right now trading as high as $803. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew will have an in-depth look at this coming up in our 11:00 newscast. big news in this area. rain. christina loren is here to tell us about it. >> steady showers in the north bay. watch out for slick conditions on 101 from sonoma through marin county. through the morning hours, temperatures are cold. cold enough for snow levels to drop to 2,000 feet. showers still taking their time though making their way toward san jose. they'll be here by 10:00 a.m. future cast tells that story. by noon the bulk of the moisture is through the greater bay area and then we'll see lighter spottier activity throughout the remainder of the day. the cold blast means temperatures are only going to climb to upper 40s and low 50s. you'll need your jacket today. 47 degrees with the windchill in gilroy. 49 in santa theresa. 50 today in los gatos. that
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